As participants elect their own investment providers, TCG Administrators relies on you to provide us with this information and to tell us who the funds are coming from and to whom you want the forms sent after the request is processed, especially if you have contributed to multiple vendors. Please indicate the investment provider in Section C of the distribution form. Once TCG Administrators completes a request, TCG Administrators will send the paperwork to the party that is listed in Section C. If this section is blank, the paperwork will be returned to the participant when processing is complete. For security reasons, TCG Administrators is not able to assume where you want your request sent; it must be explicitly stated in Section C.

If you are requesting a rollover or exchange, sometimes the paperwork must first be sent to the receiving vendor so that they can issue a Letter of Acceptance. If this is required, the vendor listed in Section C should be the vendor receiving the funds, rather than the vendor issuing the funds. TCG Administrators relies on you to let us know if this step is required.